Rolling Dice Program

In this post, I will teach you to create a rolling dice program in visual basic 6. The program will consist of a single dice with six dots representing numbers between 1 to 6 and button to roll the dice. After you have clicked the rolling button, the dice will give you a random number … Read more

VB 6 Design A Menu

In this article, we will design a menu in VB 6. To create this program, you may require a windows computer with Windows XP or higher operating system and Visual Basic 6.0 installed. Step 1: Create a New VB 6 form Open visual basic 6 and choose “Standard EXE” and your default VB form will … Read more

VB 6 Form Title

A VB 6 form has a title bar and the title of the form can be changed. In this article, we will talk about two ways to change the title of a form object. Change title from property window. Change title during run-time from code editor. Change title using property window When you select a … Read more

VB 6 Handling Financial Data

Apart from performing mathematical calculations using builtin math functions, the Visual Basic 6 has functions that can handle financial data. You can always write your own functions, however, VB 6 provides builtin functions. A list of financial functions are given below. Financial Functions Description DDB, SLN, SYD Compute depriciation FV Compute the future value Rate … Read more

VB 6 Date And Time Functions

Date and time are very important to programming languages. It helps show the date and time, run a timer, show current time or date, even show the difference between two different dates or times. In this article, we will list few VB 6 date and time related function that you can use with examples. Each … Read more

VB 6 – Log() Function

In this article, you will learn about Log() function. The Log function takes the Logex of a number x. To know the correct log value of a number you must refer to a log table. For example, logex = loge10 = 2.302585 Example Program: Log() Function Output: Log() Function

VB 6 – Rnd() Function

The VB6 random number function is Rnd(). It generates a random number. In the following program we will use this function to generate a random number. The Rnd() function generates a number between 0 to 1 which is a double value. However, you may increase the value of random number by multiplying it with some … Read more

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