CO Registers And Memory

The primary functionality of each computer registers is given below. Each register is related to other in such a way that it pass instructions code or data to other registers. Computer Registers Organization The registers work together and they are organized in a particular way. See the figure below to understand their relationship. Each of … Read more

CO Processor Activities

In the previous lesson, you learned about hardware part of a system. If you leave I/O then only CPU and memory is left in the system. In this lesson, you learn the relationship of CPU (Processor) with memory by understanding activities of a CPU. The main function of CPU is to execute a program which … Read more

CO Hardware System

In the previous lesson, you were introduced to the computer organization. You learned about system hardware and main components that make a computer system and software layer to help a user interact with the computer system. In this article, you will learn about the hardware part of the system in more detail. The system hardware … Read more

Computer Organization Introduction

In this article, you will begin learning Computer Organization. You appreciate the complexity involved in building a basic computer and type of specialize components required to make a computer. The entire computing machine comes down to two important thing – Processor (or CPU) and Memory. A computer cannot function without these minimum components. The purpose … Read more

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