DBMS Solutions

Previous First This document has a list of DBMS solutions for questions in the previous sections. Try the problem on your own and then try solutions. Solution To DBMS Question – 1 Solution To DBMS Question – 2 Solution To DBMS Question – 3 Solution To DBMS Question – 4 Previous First

Solution to DBMS Question – 4

This is a solution to the DBMS assignment Lab questions. You go step by step and run queries to get the solution to the questions, but we recommend first try to solve the problems by yourself and then check the solutions. View DBMS Assignment Questions Step: Create an E-R Model Step : Relational Model Step … Read more

Solution to DBMS Question – 2

In this article, we have given the solution to the DBMS lab assignment question 2. The solution is for practice and understand DBMS by running queries which we believe is the best way to learn. View DBMS Assignment Questions Step 1: Make an ER Model Step 2: ER Model into a Relational Model Queries Solution … Read more

Solution to DBMS Question – 1

On this page, you will find the solution to DBMS Question – 1 and all answers in this article is created using Oracle 10g. View DBMS Assignment Questions Step 1: Make an ER Model Step 2: ER Model in to a Relational Model Step 3: Implement the Relations (or Tables) Step 4: Insert data into … Read more

DBMS Lab Assignment Questions

These are DBMS Lab Assignment Questions for practice RDBMS in a lab environment and all queries were tested using Oracle 10g. The Queries may not give you expected result if you implement them on any other DBMS setup without necessary modifications. Q1: Consider the following relational schema for the Office of the Controller of Examinations … Read more

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