Extreme Programming Agile Model

Here is my notes on Extreme programming and Agile process. Agile process model works on action based software development, the practitioners of agile prefer face-to-face communication, daily meeting and active software development approach. They want to build software that is useful and have required components rather than all the fancy unwanted features. Agile Principles¬† Extreme … Read more

Rapid Development Model – The Big Picture

Rapid Development Model (RAD) is an incremental software development process model which focus on developing a software in short development cycle say 60-90 days. When the software development is that intense and the duration is short, then two things happen. RAD model uses component-based development of software, ready-made software components are used for building the … Read more

Concurrent Process Model – The Big Picture

Concurrent Process model is an evolutionary process model in software engineering. The term concurrent mean “done at the same time”. If we take waterfall model as an example, you will not know the activities going on in each phase, only after the phase is over, you get a work product or a document. Suppose we … Read more

Incremental Model – Big Picture

An evolutionary process model is that which deliver some product at the end of each iteration of software development. In the Incremental process model , classical waterfall model is applied repeatedly because the drawback of waterfall model is that it cannot rectify any major change at the later stage of the software development.The incremental process … Read more

Prototype Process Model – The Big Picture

Prototyping process model in software engineering is required when customer requirements changes frequently. It means the customer is not clear about the product that need to be built. Also, sometimes the software engineers have never worked on some of the product where the technical challenge is high. A working prototype of the product is built … Read more

Spiral Process Model – Big Picture

This process model look like a spiral with many loops. The number of loops in the spiral model is not fixed or limited, we can add as many as required. Each of the loop is a phase in spiral model(e.g., A loop can be feasibility study , another loop could be requirement analysis). Each of … Read more

WaterFall Process Model – The Big Picture

In software engineering waterfall model is well known, it covers all the phases of software development and each of these phase has a set of activities. Every other process model is derived directly or indirectly from the Classical Waterfall Process Model.This process model cannot be used directly in a real world software development project, hence, … Read more

Software Engineering

The IEEE definition of software engineering is “The application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software”. Software engineering uses the methodology and best practices to develop quality software and deals with all aspects of software development processes. About Software Engineering Tutorial This tutorial is for anyone willing to … Read more

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