How to Convert Markdown Documents to PDF

A markdown is a markup language to write readable documents and later convert it into different formats. You can use markdown syntax to write formatted documents whose style is already predefined and get a clean readable document. Read my previous post on how to learn about markdown and how to use it. These markdown files … Read more

What is Markdown and How to Use It?

The Markdown is a light-weight markup language, that provide syntax for formatting text documents. A word processor is easy to text editor where you can format text what you see. That is why these applications are WYSIWYG editors. In the MS Word like application, you must format the text and changes are visible immediately. Markdown … Read more

Performance Evaluation Of Link-State Routing Using Simulators

The Link-State Routing is a very popular routing protocol used in a WAN network and subject to number of studies. It is very important to know the performance and cost effectiveness of each routing protocol used in the various types of network such as LAN, WLAN, WAN and WWAN, etc.This post is analyze the comparative … Read more

How To Prepare For GATE Exam

Every year millions of students appear for GATE exams for various streams. Only a few students are successful in clearing GATE exams because of their good study habits. Some students do extraordinary hard work and pass the exam with good ranks. But, the thing is that education is a long term process, therefore, by the … Read more

How To Make GitHub Static Website

GitHub is a community platform where software developer , students, professional programmers and many types of developers collaborate to develop software. Even organization have GitHub accounts and their entire team work and share their works among themselves. Students can learn programming from GitHub tutorials on their static websites. In this post , we explore how … Read more

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