Data-structure – Ordered Tree vs Unordered Tree

A binary tree can be ordered or an unordered tree, so what is the difference between these two trees. In this lesson, you will compare the ordered tree vs. unordered tree and tell the difference. Ordered Tree Example The name suggests that the ordered tree must be an organized tree in which nodes are in … Read more

Data Structure – Binary Tree Concepts

A binary tree is a special kind of tree and important in computer science. There is plenty of real-world application of binary trees. The scope of this lesson is limited to the learning the binary tree concepts. Learn Tree Basics Informal definition A tree is called a binary tree if it has the following properties. … Read more

Data Structure – Tree Basics

A tree is a non-linear data structure. It means you cannot access an element of a tree in a straightforward manner. In this lesson, you learn about tree basics. This will serve as a foundation for future topics on trees. You can start learning about other topics if familiar with the basics. Learn Binary Tree … Read more

C Function that Implements Call-By-Reference

The main() function in a C program calls other functions. Some functions need arguments and some do not need any arguments. The efficiency of the program sometimes depends on what and how the arguments passed into the function. This program is written in Dev-C++ version 4 installed on a Windows 7 64-bit system, but you … Read more


Stack is a linear data structure that is widely used in operating systems and many applications. The stack implies an office stack of files in which you put new files on the top and the employee always take care of the newly arrived file first. Similarly, when a stack is implemented in whichever method you … Read more

Tower of Hanoi

The Tower of Hanoi game is very useful in understanding the Recurrence relation. It is a game of moving N disk between 3 needles. However, there are some rules we must follow before moving a disk from one needle to second needle. Rule 1: Move only one disk at a time and it must be … Read more


A queue is also an abstract data structure like the stack, except that the elements are inserted from read and deleted from the front. Therefore, data structures implement such operations are queues. In this document, find all articles related to queue data structures. Queue Articles Queue Basics Queue Examples Multi-Level Queues Queue Using C Pointers … Read more

Linked List

Linked list is a linear data structure that uses dynamic memory to construct the list. There are many types of lists. Since, a list is abstract data type its operations are also different from normal builtin types. In this document, you will find articles related to linked-lists. Linked List Articles Singly Linked List Inserting And … Read more

Data Structure – Queue Basics

Queue is a linear data structure and an abstract data type which is defined using some basic data type in programming languages. A queue data structure is implemented using an array or a linked-list type in a programming language. There are two pointers that mark both ends of a queue. Front Rear A queue works … Read more

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