Data Structures

Data Structure – Tree Basics

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 20 total views Queue Basics Ordered vs. Unordered Tree A tree is a non-linear data structure. It means you cannot access an element of a tree in a straightforward manner. In this lesson, you learn about tree basics. This will serve as a foundation for future topics on trees. You can start learning about other topics …

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 2 total views Stack examples.

Tower of Hanoi

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 20 total views The Tower of Hanoi game is very useful in understanding the Recurrence relation. It is a game of moving N disk between 3 needles. However, there are some rules we must follow before moving a disk from one needle to second needle. Rule 1: Move only one disk at a time and it …

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 14 total views A queue is also an abstract data structure like the stack, except that the elements are inserted from read and deleted from the front. Therefore, data structures implement such operations are queues. In this document, find all articles related to queue data structures. Queue Articles Queue Basics Queue Examples CPU Scheduling – Multi-Level …

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Linked List

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 4 total views Previous Next Linked list is a linear data structure that uses dynamic memory to construct the list. There are many types of lists. Since, a list is abstract data type its operations are also different from normal builtin types. In this document, you will find articles related to linked-lists. Linked List Articles Singly …

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Data Structure – Queue Basics

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 11 total views Tower Of Hanoi Tree Basics Queue is a linear data structure and an abstract data type which is defined using some basic data type in programming languages. A queue data structure is implemented using an array or a linked-list type in a programming language. There are two pointers that mark both ends of …

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