Selection Sort Algorithm

The selection sort algorithm is a sorting algorithm that selects the smallest element from an array of unsorted elements called a pass. In each pass, it selects an unsorted element from the array and compares it with the rest of the unsorted array. If any element smaller than the current smallest is found, replace it … Read more

Hash Table

The hash table is perfect solution to store dictionary where each data is uniquely identified using a key. The dictionaries are implemented using arrays. The key are stored with the object itself and each data element has its own index value. Therefore, data is stored in the array as key-value pair. The hash table uses … Read more

Binary Search Algorithm

The binary search algorithm is very popular search algorithm. It is also known as half-interval search or uniform binary search as it split the array of data into two equal parts recursively until a solution is found. The array in binary search must be sorted. Binary search employ an algorithm design technique known as divide … Read more

Transpose Sequential Search

Earlier you learned about linear search which search for a key from a given array. The search is affected by whether the array is ordered or unordered. The performance get better if the key is found at the beginning of the array. The transpose sequential search does that for repeated searches. It is also known … Read more

Linear Search Algorithms

The linear search is the simplest search where we try to find an element K from the list L. We have to compare K with each and every item in the list. The search is affected when the list if sorted or unsorted. Linear Search Suppose we want to find search key from array with … Read more

Algorithms – Search Techniques Overview

Searching for information is a basic task that we all do. We search for an item in a grocery list, or look for a telephone number from the telephone directory. A common and popular example of searching is Google search where we search for links to web sites such as Notesformsc, or look for specific … Read more

Algorithm Time Complexity

Given a piece of code, how to determine the complexities without much effort? Each piece of code has a  time complexity associated with it which you need to learn. Next time, you see any complex code break it into individual pieces and count the time complexity. Before you begin, learn the basics of algorithm performance … Read more

Algorithms Order Of Growth

The Big O notation, the theta notation and the omega notation are asymptotic notations to measure the order of growth of algorithms when the magnitude of inputs increases. In the previous article – performance analysis – you learned that algorithm executes in steps and each step takes a “constant time“. You can count the number … Read more

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