C++ Examples

C++ is a different language because it supports object-oriented programming including C features

C++ Program for Factorial without Recursion

Previous Next Factorial of a number is the number you get by multiplying all the numbers up to that number including the number itself. The program for factorial does not use a programming technique called a recursion. a recursion happens when a function calls itself until the problem is solved. This program is a simple … Read more

C++ Program to Compute the Sine and Cosine Series

Previous Next The program for sine and cosine is based on power series especially Taylor series. A power series is a form of representation of some functions that converge into a single value. In simple words, some functions are in the form of an infinite series (A power series is also a form of infinite … Read more

C++ Program for Sum of Even and Odd Numbers

This is a simple program to compute the sum of first 10 even and odd numbers and display the results.It is intended for beginner level learners of C programming. The program is written and compiled using Dev-C++ version compiler tool. You will find following sections in this post – problem definition, flowchart, program source … Read more

C++ Program to Compute Hamming Distance Function

Previous Next Hamming distance function is a very important function and it has many application especially in “Coding Theory”. In computer networks,  when a group of bits or bytes is sent, the hamming distance function helps to identify the number of bit position changed in the bit stream due to error, sometimes known as multi-bit … Read more

C++ Program to Write a Bio-data

Previous Next This is a C++ program to write a bio-data. The program is written in Dev-C++ installed on a Windows 7 64-bit system. You can use any standard C++ compiler to compile and run this program. The program is intended for beginners learning C++ programming language. You may change the dummy information displayed with … Read more

C++ Program For Bisection Method

The bisection method is a root finding numerical method. Given a function the bisection method finds the real roots of the function. In this article you will learn to write a program for bisection method. Problem Definition The bisection method find the real roots of a function. Suppose you are given a function and interval … Read more

C++ Program To Implement Doubly Linked-List

In this article, you will learn to write a C++ Program to implement Doubly Linked-List. The doubly linked-list is a linear data structure that allows traversing the list in both direction. This program is written using Turbo C++ 3.0 compiler installed on a Windows 7 64-bit PC. Problem Definition The doubly linked-list structure has two … Read more

C++ Program To Implement Queue Using Pointers

In this article, you will learn to write a C++ program to implement queue using pointers A queue have two ends – front and the rear. The new elements are inserted from the rear position and deleted from front of the queue. Problem Definition We want to implement a queue using linked list structure. A … Read more

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