Solving System Of Linear Equations Using Cramer’s Rule

Cramer’s rule is a method of solving the system of linear equations using determinants. It is named after Gabriel Cramer (1704–1752) who discovered this method. In this article we are going to discuss and work few examples for solving system of linear equations using Cramer’s rule. Before you start reading about Cramer’s rule, learn to … Read more

Adjoint Of Square Matrix

So far you have learnt that square matrix has determinant value and larger the square matrix more difficult it is to compute the determinant through cross multiplication method. The larger matrix is usually broken down into smaller matrix and determinant or minors are calculated. Then assigning signs to these minors will give you cofactors to … Read more

Cofactors of Matrix

Previous article, you learned about minors of a square matrix which are determinant of smaller 2 x 2 matrix obtained by excluding row and column of a selected element from the original matrix. These minors are arranged in matrix form called matrix of minors. However, matrix of minors is not useful in finding the adjoint … Read more

Finding Matrix Of Minors

In the previous article, you have learned simple way of cross multiplication to obtain the determinant of a square matrix. As the size of matrix get larger and larger it is increasing difficult to compute the determinant because we must first select an element and then extract smaller matrix from the larger matrix and find … Read more

Introduction To Determinants

Determinants are very important concept related to square matrix, and usually it is simple to calculate one while dealing with the system of linear equations. Our attempt here is to understand determinants properly so that all related concepts becomes easy and unforgettable. So we begin with a gentle introduction to determinants of matrices. What are … Read more

Linear Algebra

What is linear algebra? Graphically speaking, linear algebra deals with lines and their transformations. In short, linear algebra is linear transformation represented using vectors of numbers and matrices of two dimensional numbers. We solve linear equations with unknown variables associated with each term of the linear equations. For example, Each term has unknowns (x, y) … Read more

Inverses Of Triangular Matrices

Triangular matrices are diagonal matrix plus some elements on the upper side or lower side of the main diagonal. Here we discuss about types, interesting properties of triangular matrix. Later we will find ways to determine the invertibility and how to find inverse of a triangular matrix with examples. What Are Triangular Matrices ? If … Read more

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