C++ Reference Variable

C++ language allows you to create a new type of variable called reference variable. What Is A Reference Variable ? A variable that store values is called a value variable. The C++ reference variable is an alias for a value variable. It refers to the memory location of the value variable like pointer. Any changes … Read more

C++ String Basics

C++ strings store textual information. The string variable has a sequence of characters enclosed by double quotes. In C++ string basics, we cover following topics. Types of strings How to initialise strings ? How to read input strings ? Types Of Strings A string is a character array terminated by a null (\0)character. The C++ … Read more

C++ Integer Data Type

Data types describe the kind of data so that computer can store or manipulate them appropriately. This is the reason to declare a data type in C++ programming. Data types are also necessary because data items such as numbers are used in expressions. If there is a mismatch, for example – integer and real numbers … Read more

C++ Program Structure

C++ is a very popular programming language. Every C++ program has a general structure that it must follow. Here is common structure of a C++ program. Header Section The header section is used for Including header files Declaring global variables Declaring functions Defining constants You can divide C++ functions into two categories – Builtin functions … Read more

C++ Multidimensional Arrays

A C++ multidimensional array has more dimensions identified by the number of subscripts. In this article, you will learn about a two-dimensional array in detail. Two-dimensional Array A two-dimensional array has rows and columns. The horizontal arrangement of elements within a two-dimensional array is row and vertical arrangement is a column. For example, A[2][4] means … Read more

C++ One-Dimensional Arrays

One dimensional array are the simplest form of an array in C++ language. You can easily declare, initialize, and manipulate a one-dimensional array. A one-dimensional array can be a parameter for function and so on. You can treat individual array element like any other C++ variables. 1-D Array Declaration The syntax to declare a one-dimensional … Read more

C++ Arrays

The C++ arrays are a collection of data objects of the same type that are stored in consecutive memory locations under a common name (array name). The array elements are indicated with a subscript called the index value. Using the index we can access an array element just like any variable. In the following section, … Read more

C++ Local Functions

A function is declared globally above the main function, or within the main function. You can also declare a function inside another function in C++. In this article, you will learn to declare, define and call a local function. Local Function Declaration Like every other function, a local function must be declared within the body … Read more

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