Subtraction using 10’s complement

In digital computer systems, arithmetic operations are simplified using the radix complement system also known as r’s complement system. The r stands for radix which is a base for a number in a particular number system. In this post, you learn to do subtraction using 10’s complement. You must be familiar with the complement system … Read more

Subtraction of signed binary numbers using 2’s Complement

In this article, we will perform a subtraction using 2’s complement. An unsigned binary number does not have a sign bit in the most significant bit (MSB) position. For example, consider 8-bit representation of 3810 Now, if we take two’s complement of unsigned binary number then we get signed binary representation of a number which … Read more


In the previous lesson, we learned about number systems – binary, decimal, octal and hexadecimal number systems in detail. Complements are very helpful in performing subtraction and save computing time and lead to simple circuits. Before we move to subtraction, let’s understand what complement is all about. In simple words, if there is group with … Read more

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