Algorithm Time Complexity

Given a piece of code, how to determine the complexities without much effort? Each piece of code has a  time complexity associated with it which you need to learn. Next time, you see any complex code break it into individual pieces and count the time complexity. Before you begin, learn the basics of algorithm performance … Read more

Algorithms Order Of Growth

The Big O notation, the theta notation and the omega notation are asymptotic notations to measure the order of growth of algorithms when the magnitude of inputs increases. In the previous article – performance analysis – you learned that algorithm executes in steps and each step takes a “constant time“. You can count the number … Read more

Algorithms Complexities

Performance analysis of an algorithm is done to understand how efficient that algorithm is compared to another algorithm that solves the same computational problem. Choosing efficient algorithms means computer programmers can write better and efficient programs. A computer resource is memory and CPU time and performance analysis revolves around these two resources. Two ways to … Read more

Algorithms Pseudo Code

In this article, you will learn how to represent an algorithm using a pseudo code and elements of pseudo codes. Learning a programming language is not necessary to understand pseudo code, but knowing a programming language like C, Pascal, etc. help you understand the pseudo codes better. Algorithms Components The algorithm has two part – … Read more

Algorithm Introduction

The computer program is a set of basic instructions to computer hardware. The computer hardware executes the instruction to carry out some tasks. The computer program is written using a blueprint called an algorithm. Each step in an algorithm has a clear meaning and performs a specific task. An algorithm is any well-defined computational procedure … Read more

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