4-Variable K-Map

Previous post, you learned about 3-variable K-map, and learned how to minimize a boolean function. In this post, you will learn about bigger map such as a 4-variable K-map. With 4-variable map you will be able to make larger groups of cells. Plotting a 4-variable K-map The 4 variables of a Boolean function will give … Read more

3-Variable K-Map

The K-map or Karnaugh map is a graphical tool to minimize a boolean function. From the previous article, you know how a boolean function represented in canonical sum of product is changed into sum of product form using K-map. Also, the k-map is nothing but the same truth table in a matrix form where each … Read more

Understanding Karnaugh Map

In the previous post, you learned about representing boolean functions as canonical sum of product and canonical product of sum; then you can minimize them in to sum of product form or product of sum form by applying boolean algebra rules. The boolean algebra rules are difficult as the complexity of circuits grow. You cannot … Read more

Boolean Function Minimization Overview

So far you have seen, gates and truth table, and output of each gates and combinations of gated circuits. The circuit is represented in the form of a boolean function. Therefore, the process of design starts with deciding: number of inputs and outputs derive a boolean function that represents the circuit minimize the boolean function … Read more

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