Normalization in DBMS

Designing a database structure without proper planning would cause duplicate data and problem updating the database. This will result in an inconsistent database. The process of normalization is to make an efficient database design that allow faster and efficient access while maintaining the accuracy. What is Normalization? Normalization is a database design technique that cuts … Read more

Locks in Database Management

Previously, you learned about the concurrency mechanism in database. You know that the concurrency is maintained in a serialized manner, giving the impression that there is indeed some concurrency. The locking technique has to do a lot with this achievement of efficient access to database. What is a Lock? A lock is a variable associated … Read more

Transaction Management

In database, transactions are very important to maintain the consistent state of the database. We need to consider the users who operate and access database, and alter the state. This is an important aspect of database management which you will study in this article. What is Transaction? A Database Transaction is a logical unit of processing in … Read more