JavaScript Logical Operator

Logical operator is one that compare two boolean operands and gives a boolean output. They are of high importance in computer science, especially in digital design and computer architectures. They operands of logical operator could be constants, variables of all types and expressions involving comparison operators. First, we must understand the working of these logical … Read more

JavaScript Ternary Operator

JavaScript language supports a C style ternary operator, also called a conditional operator. Any variable can be assigned value based on boolean value of an expression. Syntax The new variable will get its value based on certain conditions, suppose the condition is true, then the value 1 will be assigned, otherwise value 2 will be … Read more

JavaScript Comparison Operator

The JavaScript comparison operator takes two operands and then compare it. The result of the comparison is a boolean value. The operands could be a number a string a boolean value or an object Usage and Syntax You can use comparison operator anywhere within the script, however, these are more popular in conditional blocks such … Read more

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