JavaScript Tutorial

JavaScript Functions Overview

The functions are building blocks of the JavaScript programming. A function in JavaScript is a block of statements that may or may not take inputs and return a value. Therefore, it appears that JavaScript functions are no different from functions in other programming languages. There are many difference between functions in other languages and JavaScript …

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JavaScript Logical Operator

Logical operator is one that compare two boolean operands and gives a boolean output. They are of high importance in computer science, especially in digital design and computer architectures. They operands of logical operator could be constants, variables of all types and expressions involving comparison operators. First, we must understand the working of these logical …

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JavaScript Data Types

JavaScript is a loosely typed and dynamic language. Variable can be assigned or reassigned anytime. In JavaScript, there is no need to declare the type of variable like C/C++, Java,etc.You can assign a value directly. JavaScript also allows values called primitive types. These are well known types in all programming langauges. Primitive Types are: undefined …

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