Python Type Casting

Casting means changing a data type to another. It is popular in many programming languages like C/C++, Java, etc. Python also supports the type casting and it is done using casting functions. In python, there are two primary casting operations you can do and they are: Change string to other types such as Integer, Float, … Read more

Python Variables

Python variables are core of python language. A variable in python hold some data of a specific type. In python, the data for a variable can change frequently, it is not fixed as in other languages. In this article, you will learn about the rules to create python variables, variable scope and how to type … Read more

Python Data Types

The python programming language is not a typed language like Java, C/C++, etc. However, python supports all the primitive data types like other languages. Here are the list of data types supported by python programming language. integer string float boolean list dictionaries set tuple files The first four types are primitive types and the remaining … Read more

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