Groups And Range Of Characters

In regular expression, sometimes we need to match a group of characters or a range of characters. These kind of expressions are written within a bracket notation. In this post, we will explore these kind of expressions with examples. List of Range Expressions The following table demonstrate the grouped expressions and their meaning. Expression Meaning … Read more

Regular Expression Flags

In the previous article, you learned about regular expression being pattern of search. Regular expression uses flags that are optional and perform searches that are global or case-insensitive. You can use these searches separately or together to do search. List of Flags Here is a list of flags commonly used with regular expressions. Flag Meaning … Read more

Regular Expression Basics

The regular expression is sequence of characters that makes a pattern. The pattern is used for searching text in data. You can create a simple pattern or a complex regular expression in JavaScript. The regular expression does two kind of work – search and replace text using several of available string methods. Syntax The regular … Read more

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