XML Attributes

. Many times, the XML elements contains extra information. This extra information is stored in some new attributes. The attributes in XML are extra information that we provide for the elements. Element can have any number of attributes with unique names. But before that, we must describe how attributes look like and how to use … Read more

XML Document Type Declaration

In the previous post, you learned about XML declarations in detail, now we look into the document type declarations. The document type declarations are optional entries that includes DTD for validating your documents, root element, and any entities that you want to declare. Syntax The syntax for XML document type definition is given below. The … Read more

XML Declaration

In the previous article, you learned the structure of a XML document and know that an optional prolog exists before any XML root element. The very first line is an XML declaration that tells the XML processor that the document is XML language and markup. Declaration Structure The following image describes the structure of XML … Read more

XML Elements and Tree View

As we already know that XML is only to hold data and it gives complete freedom to choose any name for elements. XML don’t care about how the document looks or how we are going to use the data. The only requirement is to follow the rules of the XML document markup language. It is … Read more

XML Stylesheets

From the previous article, you know that XML does not have any implicit style information. One way to display formatted document is using the XHTML page. It seems alright, but does not provide full-fledged. styling for XML documents. We solve this problem by using an external stylesheet , just for the style and transformation of … Read more

How to View XML Documents

It is a well-known fact that you cannot view XML documents on its own, because it has not style information. There are only two ways to view XML documents on screen. Display in web browser like you do for webpages. Convert the XML information into HTML for display. It is true that there is no … Read more

XML Editors

Out of many XML software, XML editors are the most important ones, that allow you to create documents, update existing one and sometimes viewing the XML document. There are so many XML editors from simple text editors to highly customizable graphical text editors that show elements in colors and features to collapse or expand the … Read more

XML Technologies

XML is an open-source technology that is officially maintained by the W3C, and it is at Version 1.0 If you want to read the XML standard, then, visit the link to W3C website – Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 (Fifth Edition) (w3.org). The XML technology is a subset of SGML technology that has a goal … Read more

XML Processing

XML creates documents that other applications can use, any program that can read and process XML document is called an XML processor. There are so many examples of XML processors. The examples are: Web Browsers XML Editors Validity Checkers Data archiving systems and so on. XML Parser A parser is the fundamental XML processor that … Read more

XML Document Modeling

As you know already that XML is extensible markup language that help display information, store information in meaningful format, and transport information for applications and humans. When we talk about documents, then first thing come to our mind is articles, books that are organized in chapters, sections, paragraphs, etc. That is only in the traditional … Read more

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