CSS Project – Burning Candle

In this project, you will learn to create a burning candle with flame with the help of HTML and CSS. HTML Code: burning-candle.html CSS Code: burning-candle.html Now we will insert the following CSS code in the <head> section of the HTML page – burning-candle.html. The entire page will look like the following. Whole Program Code … Read more

CSS Fonts In-Depth

Fonts define the typography of a web page or website. The font has certain properties that you can control using CSS. In other words, CSS can change the typography of a website directly. In this article, you will learn about fonts, the characteristics of the font, font-families, and properties that can be changed using CSS … Read more

CSS Padding

The padding is the closest property to an HTML element in the box model. The padding gives some space around the HTML element, just like margin which given space around element from outside. There are 4 padding to an HTML element. padding-top padding-right padding-bottom padding-left The syntax to specify padding is as follows. Shorthand for … Read more

CSS Margin

CSS margin is the outer most element in the box model.  The margin property creates space around an HTML element. It is a usual practice to define margin for HTML elements because white-space helps create beautiful designs. CSS defines 4 types of margin for an element. margin-top margin-left margin-bottom margin-left You can treat CSS margin … Read more

CSS Border

CSS allows you to set border for your HTML elements and it is part of the CSS box model. The CSS border is the outer most property of an HTML element, beyond that two HTML elements are separated using CSS margin. There are many CSS border properties that will change the look of the border … Read more

CSS Width And Height

HTML elements are either block-level or inline elements. The inline elements are enclosed within a block level element. CSS treats each block-level HTML element as if it is in a box. This is known as CSS box model. With CSS, you have control over the boxed HTML elements. You can change the look and feel … Read more

CSS Selectors

The CSS selector helps find (or select) elements from HTML document for style purpose. W3c has listed all the possible kinds of CSS selectors that you can use in your CSS documents, but only few are them are used frequently. For a complete list of CSS selectors visit W3c – CSS3 selectors. Here is a … Read more

How To Link CSS to HTML

There are many ways to add CSS codes to HTML document. In this article, you will learn all possible methods to include CSS code to an HTML document. Every browser comes with default style sheet which is immediately applied to the HTML page. There are three other ways to add style information to an HTML … Read more

CSS Introduction

CSS stands for Cascading style sheet is a technology to render style to your web page. It can change color, font, background, alignment and many other properties of an HTML page. The HTML only display the content for human readers.The HTML elements contain the following contents. Text Image Video Audio Links The HTML is not … Read more

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