Python Nested Try-Catch

In earlier lessons, you learned about try-catch-else-finally blocks. In this article, you will learn that we can put a try-catch block inside another try-catch block. Therefore, there can be more than one level of python nested try-catch blocks. Understanding Nested Try-Catch Each of these try-catch will handle different exceptions. Earlier we have seen exceptions at … Read more

Python Except Block

The python except block is the catch block in the exception handling mechanism. Any error or exception caught in the try block is caught by the python except block and response code is executed. In the previous article, you learned about the try block and in the article, we will explore the except block in … Read more

Python Try Block

The python try block is part of python exception handling mechanism. The try block is similar to an if-then-else block. If an error occurs the try block stops executing. These errors are known errors for which we have a try block. They are called exceptions. The try block is to notice the error or exception … Read more

Error Handling Overview

In computer programs, some kind of errors are expected. We can simply read those errors and fix the problem. But some errors are bound to happen, usually related to user inputs or mismatch of specific conditions of the program. Since, we know them already and knows that it would occur in some point in time … Read more

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